HPI Racing Baja 5B (bashbusters)
We used to have BashBusters for the HPI Baja 5b, so I figured I'd put up a few pictures showing how they were trimmed and installed onto the HPI Baja 5b. You can find more information about these on http://bashbuster.com/.

As a quick review from someone that's used them.. they come semi-untrimmed and are unpainted. You'll have to do some trimming of them, typically with lexan scissors or a dremel works well, after that you can paint them with lexan paint, or even just leave them clear. Installation is simple, you just put some velcro on the chassis on the lower part and top part, put some on the BashBusters, and that's pretty much all there is to it.

They worked really well for us while racing on dirt, grass and onroad areas, keeping nearly everything out of the sides, only letting a little bit in, still 100x better than without them. Had the same while racing onroad in parking lots, they kept all the little debree and small rocks out of the areas, I'd recommend picking up a set if you're tired of debree getting in the side areas like grass, dirt, rocks etc.. these also go great with a set of the Slammer RC Meshes that further help protect your engine from any little rocks that manage to find their way in.

The pictures at the bottom are newer, the top pictures are semi-old, first versions of the BashBusters.